Biologics - it sure beats using steroids. Patcane nyc by shades_of_idaho reply 2592037 november 2, 2011 at 11:08 am report post i was looking for another post to report in on and came across this one. I have done nothing in my diet to try to control the psoriasis. I eat cookies some times. I stopped drinking wine just because i was told it was bad. viagra for sale india Will try some and let you know if it changes some thing. Course every one reacts differently. I really think the biggest part of my huge flair of several months has been from stress. I suddenly had a big reduction in stress in my life in the last couple of weeks and the psoriasis on my hands is 90 percent better. Feet slower to heal but better and leg spots are fading fast. Hoping it continues. For months you could see this psoriasis just getting worse on my skin. Spreading up my legs fast elbows face arms. The other things i have been doing. Glycerin twice a day with vaseline on spots. I was thinking if the spots are on legs then just sew up some cotton covers leggings or whatever it takes to put over the spots until the stuff soaks in. I use the cotton gloves and socks on my hands and feet. This took a long time and i still need to do it but there is a huge change in my skin. purchase generic viagra online I have also been taking the mega doses of biotin. 5mg morning and night since september. Hair and nails are growing like crazy. I am also taking water kefir for probiotics. Finally i am using the generic version of cetafil lotion and body wash. purchase generic viagra online About a third the cost for generic. Nothing scientific here. Just followed what some said to do and it seems to be working. I honestly believe a big part of my clearing is the stress reduction. The person,neighbor, that was harassing me is now cooling his heals in jail for a crime he committed not related me. Just call it karma. Within a week of his arrest my psoriasis started to clear. So do whatever you can to dump the stress. By rml313 reply 2592067 november 2, 2011 at 11:19 am report post i have had psoriasis for 50 years never went into remission. Wish it would just once by dmc-1963 reply 2592075 november 2, 2011 at 11:21 am report post hi shades of idaho! Yes, stress.... I will have this the rest of my life. Working about 60 hours a week to make ends meet and recent divorce. So i do try to walk about three times per week. But stress is a huge component, and there's no way around it for me. purchase generic viagra online Biotin... cheap generic viagra online canada I am going to do some research on this. Do you have plaque psoriasis? viagra overnight shipping What exactly does biotin do i wonder to help. I'm seeing it helps your nails and hair. Gee, i need that too!! viagra 10 mg directions Lolol by shades_of_idaho reply 2592275 november 2, 2011 at 12:23 pm report post third time is the charm. I goofed up the other two posts. Sorry. viagra prescription doctor Biotin is a b vitamin. They do help with stress in a big way. You need to pamper you. Sheese i was pissed i had to work 60 hours in. do women think viagra
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